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How much does Woli cost?

Woli is a subscription service and costs a monthly fee of 2,99€ per child. The monthly fee covers:

  • One free Virtual Woli Card for the child, to make online purchases
  • Free use of the Woli app, which allows the parent to apply parental controls and limits, automate weekly (or monthly) allowance and create tasks for the child
  • Real-time notifications for child spending activity
  • Access to Woli educational content (Woli Classroom)
  • Free card transactions, for up to 20 transactions per month. If you make more, you will be charged a very small fee per transaction based on the Woli pricing
  • Customer support via the Woli app

If the parent wants to order the Woli plastic card, he will be charged with a one-off fee of 6,99€, which includes postage costs throughout the EU.

For loading the Woli Parent Account, we charge a small fee per transaction which is imposed by our banking partners. For more info visit Woli pricing