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How can I load the Parent Account?

The Woli Parent Account can be loaded in two ways, which are shown when pressing the “Top up” button of the Parent app homepage:

  • Via a Bank Transfer
    • The app presents you with the unique IBAN number of your Parent Account. All you have to do is log into your preferred bank and send a transfer to this IBAN
    • The money will be seen in your account once the transfer is processed. This may take up to 2-3 days
    • Woli does not charge you for this transfer, however your bank may charge you some fees. Woli has no control over these fees
  • Via your debit/credit card
    • You can select the amount and add your card details to charge your card. Once you confirm the amount, the payment will be authorized and completed
    • For security reasons the card needs to be in your name
    • The money will be seen in your account instantly
    • Woli has a small fee for this transfer, which comes from our card processors who handle the payment. For more info visit Woli pricing
    • For your convenience, you can securely “store your card” in the Woli app. This will make the next loading faster, since you will not need to enter the card details again